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Tooth whitening mousse; Easy to use Teeth Whitener foam for White Teeth; kills Bacteria, whitens Teeth & fight Bad Breath. 

Teeth Whitening foam cleans tatar, repair gums, eliminate halitosis, whiten teeth, freshen breath and prevent tooth decay. 


Safety: gentle formula, no fluorine, no artificial dyes, suitable for tooth whitening and tooth desensitization. Fully protect your gums and teeth, fresh breath.



Only use teeth whitening foam once or several times without immediate whitening, because they are mild and whitening, do not corrode teeth, but can refresh their breath . We never produce exaggerated products that may be harmful to human body. Thanks for understanding 


Lanthome Teeth Whitening Foam Toothpaste

  • 50ml

  • Usage method:

    Simply apply a dollop of foam to your toothbrush and brush your teeth thy way you always do 

    Use it anywhere, just spray into mouth for 30 seconds then spit out

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